Running is one sport that can help prevent senility. Running is effective because it can help stimulate the brain because there is activity in the hands and feet. This exercise is also effective for refreshing the brain from saturation when it is rarely active.

In addition, running can also improve blood circulation in the head. Running can help the body’s stamina so that it becomes fit again. For the elderly, it is better if the portion when running is differentiated when young. You can start jogging in the neighborhood in the morning. Don’t be too hard when running because it can actually injure the body.

Brain exercise

Brain exercise is perfect for preventing senility. Elderly people can start with a game of chess. By playing chess, the brain will be forced to record game patterns and think of strategies to beat opponents.

By playing chess, you can hone and …

Natural White Tooth Smile with Natural Ingredients Blends

Yellow teeth are often a barrier to smiling out loud. Of course, you always want to look perfect and look clean, including teeth with natural, clean, and healthy teeth. However, did you know that the color of teeth is determined by your DNA, where ivory teeth are the natural color that most people have?

Causes of Yellow Teeth

The yellow color itself is not always a sign of poor oral or dental health. Apart from natural factors, the yellow color of teeth is also influenced by habits that make teeth yellow. What are some of these habits?

  • Do not clean your teeth regularly or diligently

Not being diligent or regularly cleaning your teeth will cause plaque buildup which is one of the causes of yellow teeth. Plaque buildup is caused by the buildup of saliva tissue and food debris that is not cleaned properly. Therefore, you need to be diligent …

Tips for Walking for Weight Loss


If you are looking for ways to lose weight but don’t have much time to take exercise classes, then walking could be the solution. Everyone has learned how to walk since childhood, but not everyone understands how to walk so that the body is in good shape.

Even though it sounds trivial, the habit of walking can strengthen endurance, increase metabolism, and reduce body weight. Here are some tips so that your daily walking activities can be an easy way to lose weight.

1. Increase the number of steps in a day

Walking is very good for keeping the body in shape. Try to walk at least 20 minutes per day. Take a leisurely walk after lunch to control blood sugar and increase metabolism. Park your vehicle in the farthest place, so that you have a reason to walk.

You can also start reducing the use of motorized vehicles if …

6 Ways to Treat Toothache Pain


The problem of cavities is not only experienced by children. Well, sufferers from all walks of life, from children, adolescents, adults, to the elderly.

Don’t mess with cavities, as this can cause pain or aches that may be unbearable. In addition, in some cases cavities can lead to complications, ranging from tooth infections, tooth abscesses, sepsis, to tooth loss. For that, caring for your teeth is very important, don’t regret it later. You can take supplements that can take care of your teeth, one of which is Steel Bite Pro.

So, how do you treat cavities?

1. Filling

Tooth filling is a common treatment for cavities. The doctor will make the part of the tooth that has been damaged using a special drill. Then, the doctor will fill the cavity with a special material, for example porcelain, gold, silver, or composites.

2. Use of Fluoride

Fluoride is generally used …

Want a Slim Body Fast? These are the stages that need attention

All women definitely want to have a beautiful, slim body with ideal body weight and pleasing to the eye, but getting a slim body is not easy, there are some fun things that you need to avoid, and there are also some things that you might hate but have to live with, as a result, the diet program that you are going to live on becomes a challenge that is quite difficult. The key is only one, To get a slim body, you have to strengthen discipline every day and consume weight loss supplements from proven NutraVesta, if this is ready the next stage will definitely be easier to live through. So, here are tips for quick trim along with the stages that must be considered when you want to lose weight.

Pay attention to sweet and salty foods

The first stage is to pay attention to both sweet and …