Linux or Windows, Which one is better for Web Hosting?

For every web hosting, you get two main operating sytems, one is Windows, another one is Linux. While both are equally good, Windows hosting is a bit costly due to licence cost. If you are looking for WordPress hosting India, you must also have alook at platforms that becomes important for CMS to run effectively.

For most of the bloggers, web hosting term is still heard but the operating sytem like Linux and Windows, they are unaware about.

HostingRaja’s Linux versus Windows hosting analyzed

These two operating systems are totally different. Here’s a breakdown of how they analyze:

UI. Windows is direct to utilize on account of its recognizable menus. Then again, Linux depends on an order line with capacities and sentence structures that might be hard to learn. This why numerous directors depend on cPanel to make server support simpler.

Soundness and security. In spite of the